Where It All Began

In the 1960s, Maria was born in Ensenada, Mexico. At 18, as the eldest of seven siblings, she bravely left her family to pursue the American Dream. Legally migrating to Los Angeles, Maria, driven by an entrepreneurial spirit, began in the city's slums. Committed to high morals, she aimed to become an American citizen. With unwavering faith and a strong work ethic, Maria envisioned a future where she would start a family and establish a family-owned restaurant, providing for them.

Maria and Jose's love story began at Villa Taxco, Hollywood, where she started as a hostess and cashier. Both Mexican immigrants with shared dreams, they found their talents complementing each other. Maria, a renowned waitress known for balancing six hot plates with a beautiful smile, later revealed her true passion in the kitchen. With exceptional recipes and a commitment to quality ingredients, she never took shortcuts, and their love story flourished alongside her culinary talents.

Maria and Jose dreamed of taking advantage of the opportunities America affords, becoming their own boss. Maria was the most independent woman, paired with relentless courage to start her own business with Jose, when the chance finally came to open their first location, they took it.

Sadly, Maria's life ended prematurely. She leaves behind Jose and their sons, who carry on her legacy through the impact she made on others and her timeless recipes. As the pillar of her family, Maria instilled values reflected in Margaritas, where we distinguish ourselves with top-tier quality, cleanliness, authentic Mexican cuisine, and a comforting atmosphere. Maria's radiant smile and unwavering work ethic will be forever cherished.